Do you want the best catering for the big game in Tulsa, OK city? We can help you out! Big games or Super Bowl are something that you must enjoy with your friends, family, our loved ones. And when you do so, as a host, your food menu should be tasty, diverse, and fresh.


That's because, without good food, a big game match is incomplete! Speaking of which, here is the list of some of the best catering for the big game in Tulsa that'll make your guests go ga-ga over your Super Bowl in Tulsa party.

Sisserou's Caribbean Restaurant & Catering
Restaurant $$
107 North Boulder Avenue, Tulsa OK, 74103
Sisserou's Caribbean Restaurant & Catering is yet another catering service provider that can offer authentic Caribbean dishes to your guests. These professionals are known for adding delicious Caribbean flavors to their food while also covering other catering needs like plates, napkins, and utensils.

If you want to try out their catering services, let them know atleast five days prior to your big game party. They take a minimum order of $200, exclusive of delivery charges. Also, they charge extra for serving the dishes.
Deco Deli and Catering
Restaurant $$
415 South Boston Avenue, Tulsa OK, 74103
Located in the historical Atlas Life Building, Deco Deli and Catering is a must-try caterer for your catering and food requirements. They are a team of experienced professionals who can serve a delicious menu filled with classics!

Besides the fresh food, these caterers are quite quick with their service. Also, compared to their outstanding catering, the price is quite reasonable. Try them out for your big bowl party catering and enjoy a relaxing game with your friends.
Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue & Catering - South Tulsa
Restaurant $$
6175 E 61st St, Tulsa OK, 74136
Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue & Catering has over 30 years of experience in the catering and culinary world to serve its customers. Whether you want savory meats, or succulent hors d'oeuvres, they serve a diverse variety of food to satisfy your guest's palates.

Their BBQ services are absolutely top-notch, thanks to their specially trained pit master. These professionals are taught to capture the art of barbecue. This means you can expect piping-hot smoked meats, sides, and appetizers at your table. These caterers can serve about 10 to 10,000 guests.
514 S Boston Ave, Tulsa OK, 74103
Elote Cafe & Catering is ideal for serving a tasty Mexican buffet for your next big game party. Their dishes are absolutely fresh, made with local products and sustainable practices. As for their menu, you can expect dishes like a sweet tamale, black beans, chips, salsa, and many more!

These caterers are quite quick and reasonable with their services. They also use fresh ingredients to serve your guest's some authentic Mexican delicacies. Worth trying!
Ludger's Catering
1628 South Main Street, Tulsa OK, 74119
From delicious breakfast/brunch menu to dinner menu, Ludger's catering can be your one-stop shop for the perfect catering service. They are quite recognized for their quality catering services including amazing food and table/room decor.

Not just that, they can customize your big game event as per your needs and budgets. You just need to tell them about your requirements, and they'll handle things for you accordingly. They accept orders for a minimum of 20 people for all courses.